Optical imagery platform

The collection of optical properties of sea water as proxies of biological parameters is among the most popular capacities of gliders, making them more and more attractive for ecological research and the management of living resources.

Development of a miniaturized version

Coordinating partner SU has been developing imaging instruments for decades. The worldwide used Underwater Video Profiler (UVP5) is an innovative way to obtain in situ abundance and size of particles, images of plankton and large particles from ships.

Based on this world leading expertise, H2020-BRIDGES has allowed SU to miniaturize this sensor (UVP6-LP) for small and low power systems like AUV, gliders, moorings and profiling floats. The first commercial deliveries by HYDROPTIC under CNRS-SU license started in spring 2020 [20].

From a UVP-5
To a small UVP-6