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Akvaplan-Niva, together with CSCS, deployed our bioglider solution on APN Seaglider to gain scientific knowledge on the biological ecosystems in the Nansen Basin and the northern part of the Knipovich Ridge, as part of the GoNorth Project. The seaglider is equipped with a UVP6 (imagery device) and a EK80 (acoustic sensing).

In May 2022 and for the first time, a glider equipped with both UVP6 and EK80 successfully participated to a scientific cruise. It is a big success for the project and all the oceanographic community!

Last May, Akvaplan-niva set up an oceanographic cruise in the Barent sea to study the physical processes at different scales that influence the ecosystem across the Polar Front.

Just before Christmas, our colleagues Marc Picheral, researcher from the Villefranche s/Mer marine station of Sorbonne Université and co-authors from all around the world have published the first paper demonstrating the capabilities of the Underwater Vision Profiler (UVP6) and the potential of its use on gliders. Congratulations !